Sunday, January 19, 2020


For example: Case 1: "Ayurvedic Zuna" A fake product recently released by Mr Rohit Sharma from herbal craft group considers himself supreme authority in this field. 
More info about Ayurvedic Zuna here.

"I've been scammed. The official website scammed me for $10000, $20000 or $30000" - Anonymous User

Things like this is not new to us. The Ayurvedic Urea industry is bombarded by scammers and competitors. Since this is a high dollar product, scammers have exploited the power of internet and created several websites and pages to target customers like you. Their main idea is to disrupt our business by giving us a bad name and sell their own fake version of AyurvedicUrea product via their fake websites. Don't fall for this scam. Badmouthing like this doesn't affect our business or relationship with our partnered hospitals.

As you can see there is a fake version of "Ayurvedic Urea official website" readily available on the internet. This site is definitely our biggest competitor because it ranks very well on the search engine. The fake official site has manipulated google search engine rankings and thus appears on the first page of Google. What does a competitor do?
1) A competitor badmouth us.
2) A competitor spread false negative reviews online.
3) A competitor might even go extreme and submit false lies and reviews about how we scammed them and ripped them off.
4) A competitor may not directly submit fake reviews rather hire someone to do the job and spread false information.

It is your duty to stay vigilant and avoid all fake sellers and suppliers. There are plenty of them over the internet. Please research properly and stay safe from scammers. Additionally please bookmark the following facts:
1) Original Ayurvedic Urea developed by us works guaranteed.
2) If you are not satisfied by our product then return it and get your money back. Refund policy here!


  1. Great information. I like your product but cannot afford it. Please drop the price sir.

    1. Hi I have a 4 inch packet in stock. If you are interested write to me at thanks

    2. Kindly never ever buy from Melina jatamari. she looted me for 10K . She never shipped the product . I have lost my 10K. i contacted AU officials regarding it. They even recommend to buy from Melina Jatamari and she scammed me . Don't trust anyone here. They are here just squeeze the money out of you.

    3. Yes sir. This lady also scammed me. Been waiting for the product more than five years and has never arrived. Never trust or buy Melina Jatamari. I wired her 32k in 2015 and supposely she couldn't receive money because she lives in Brazil but I actually wired to bank in America. She promised to obtain stock but never did then finally she never ever answer back my emails. Beware people of these supposed "authorized sellers"

  2. I have seen this too. The fake site is spreading all negative reviews about you and guess what the fake site is operated from Africa. They are African scammers. Let me tell you what they do. They sell fake ayurvedic urea in cheap rate and as a result the innocent buyers go there and buy from them and get burnt. They are doing this to spread bad impression about the real official site. I bought a cheap version of ayurvedic urea from them and they scammed me. It didn't work. To all buyers don't buy cheap and fake ayurvedic urea it doesn't work. Whatever this real official site is telling it's damn true.

  3. I am a fan of you. I will stop all scammers before they reach you. Trust me..

  4. lost $5000 to that f***** nigerian fake official website. Why is google letting that site be on the first page. I hate google now,i is misleading and inaccurate.

  5. They are so serious in scamming they provide your their ids and driving license and bank account numbers to prove how legitimate they are. We trust them and get scammed. I lost $8000 2 days ago to a stupid Indian from India. I will never commit the same mistake again. And mind you they phone you, text you and skype you multiple times to gain your trust. Even night time they won't stop calling you. Lastly you got no choice other than to wire them the money and you lose. They brainwash you and kill your brain. I sincerely request all serious buyers to research 100% to avoid these indian scammers. Don't repeat the same mistake. I got burnt you don't have to. Don't send money to india, all scammers reside there. they are poor and they want your money.

  6. Why scam people? Indians and Nigerians are such a pos.

  7. Indian As***** piece of trash, low life thug.

  8. can I get the phone number from the authorized sellers