Thursday, December 19, 2019

Amazon and Ebay AyurvedicUrea scam - How to stay safe?

Ebay and Amazon are largest e-commerce websites. Fraudulent sellers are looking for ways to trick innocent buyers via these giant web platforms. Always perform the following checks before buying from these internet sellers.
1) Always ask the seller UIC and SERIAL No. and always verify those numbers with us.
2) Never trust what a seller is saying and ask them for proof regarding the stock availability.

For example: (Amazon and Ebay case) Refer pics: The seller is mentioning that he got real stock in hand and the product works guaranteed. Before you buy from this seller or hit the ebay/amazon checkout button ask the seller UIC and SERIAL numbers and verify the numbers with us at Fraudulent sellers do not have any information about UIC and SERIAL numbers and they simply cannot provide you such info. If they don't provide or hesitate to provide you the numbers, it's clear they are scammers and trying to trick you. Ignore these con artists and stay safe.

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  1. Great. Will do! I am tired of these scammers.