Monday, December 09, 2019


No matter how wisely a product is marketed, if unethical and unlawful procedures are applied to its marketing process it's considered a crime. Criminals who conduct such crimes must be prosecuted. 
As we mentioned previously, Indian scammers are on the rise. A scammer will try to trick you in different ways. This is one of the recent scam tactics applied by Indian fraudster(Rohit Sharma or Siddharth Ghosh) to rob you out of your hard earned money. Recently we spotted a pattern from a infamous scammer from India. His name is Rohit Sharma/Siddharth Ghosh and apparently he runs Herbal Craft Group/Culture art group. This scammer introduced a brand new scam product online and the product name is "Ayurvedic Zuna". He claims the product ingredient is Dhatrumurgasiniy herb. As a matter of fact he also stole image from our website and created a bottle label. Steer clear from this scammer and report this person to authorities in India for deceiving Indians. Ayurvedic Zuna is a scam product and doesn't contain any Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs. Don't fall for this scam. This criminal is also a part of chain Indiamart website 'ayurvedic urea listings' scam. If you are in India please report this scammer to Indian authorities.
ayurvedic zuna scam

dhatrumurgasiniy fake herbs

ayurvedic zuna scam

fake dhatrumurgasiniy herb fake ayurvedic zuna

Rohit Sharma or Siddharth Ghosh (The Indian Fraudster)

Please keep in mind: "Dhatrumurgasiniy herb or Ayurvedic Urea" is strictly licensed to Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia and nobody in this world hold the original stock/herb except us. Beware of scammers and perform due research before buying. For any questions contact us!


  1. Does anyone know where he stays in India? I will treat this person very well.

  2. So this guy is scamming indians on Indiamart sites with all those fake listings. Wish this guy rot in hell.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't have that much money to try the originals right now but still saving. I tried the fake pills and fake herbs and they didn't work. I have been scammed many times. Now I am saving money to buy only and only from this official website. I am tired of scammers and wish they rot in hell.

  4. This guy is such a loser.

  5. herbal craft group review - One of the finest company ever met who are in the game of promoting their product via shady channels such as hiring college students to speak fake testimonials for their company and fake product. Do not trust these guys they are born with scamming brain. I suggest you to donate to little little poor children and beggars from India instead of buying their fake product ayurvedic zuna and feeding their belly. ayurvedic zuna testimonial ends here...

  6. Herbal craft group scammers posing to be real sellers and they post fake ads on small advertisement site like olx and Facebook ads, and can contact you via email or social media platforms just like they are posting ads about ayurvedic zuna on reddit, Facebook groups and classified message boards. Have you seen their fake reviews on trustpilot a popular review sharing site. I am baffled how deep they could dive into scamming innocent buyers, innocent short peoples. This is really crazy and I feel like I am in the last state of kaliyug.

    Culture art group or herbal craft group advertising can include products like ayurvedic zuna, ashwagandha, ayurvedic oils and many more . It may contain stolen pictures from original source and other fake details, often copied from the actual original seller. To quickly attract many innocent victims, herbal craft group seller post goods at a lower price, much cheaper than comparable prices published on the real official site.

    Once you are interested in buying they keep sending you emails after emails, phone calls after phone calls and force you to buy the fake product. Once you buy the product they never show you their face again and they don’t deliver the product to you and steal your money. The manager Rohit Sharma makes various false statements like his company is registered and got the real product in hand but thats a quick marketing technique to scam you real hard. Stay away from herbal craft group and protect your money my friends. Ayurvedic zuna is a poisonous herbal supplement that is dangerous to human health and obviously doesn’t make you taller.