Wednesday, January 22, 2020

This is Geranium - Often mistaken as Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb

Geranium is a flowering plant that is found throughout the world and highly resembles Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb. There are other similar plants that highly resemble Dhatrumurgasiniy. As a matter of fact it's really harder to distinguish between Geranium and Dhatrumurgasiniy herb. "Geranium doesn't make you taller while Dhatrumurgasiniy does". The bacteria that helps in bone cell division is found only in original Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb.

Picture of Geranium
Although Geranium is a lovely flowering plant, this amazing plant doesn't help us in growing taller. Despite the fact Geranium is loved by many and seen in our gardens, we consider it a Fake Dhatrumurgasiniy Herb. Scammers and Fraudsters pretend they are selling Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs, while in reality, they are selling Geranium plant.

What does original Dhatrumurgasiniy herb taste like?
Answer: The moment you chew the leaf or stem of original Raw-Dhatrumurgasiniy herb, you have allowed yourself to experience quick buzz similar to Sichuan pepper followed by bitter Gingery taste later.

Issued in Public Interest by:
Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia
For any questions :

Sunday, January 19, 2020

I've been scammed - The competition and Negative reviews!

For example: Case 1: "Ayurvedic Zuna" A fake product recently released by Mr Rohit Sharma from herbal craft group considers himself supreme authority in this field. More info about Ayurvedic Zuna here.

"I've been scammed. The official website scammed me for $10000, $20000 or $30000" - Anonymous User

Things like this is not new to us. The Ayurvedic Urea industry is bombarded by scammers and competitors. Since this is a high dollar product, scammers have exploited the power of internet and created several websites and pages to target customers like you. Their main idea is to disrupt our business by giving us a bad name and sell their own fake version of AyurvedicUrea product via their fake websites. Don't fall for this scam. Badmouthing like this doesn't affect our business or relationship with our partnered hospitals.

As you can see there is a fake version of "Ayurvedic Urea official website" readily available on the internet. This site is definitely our biggest competitor because it ranks very well on the search engine. The fake official site has manipulated google search engine rankings and thus appears on the first page of Google. What does a competitor do?
1) A competitor badmouth us.
2) A competitor spread false negative reviews online.
3) A competitor might even go extreme and submit false lies and reviews about how we scammed them and ripped them off.
4) A competitor may not directly submit fake reviews rather hire someone to do the job and spread false information.

It is your duty to stay vigilant and avoid all fake sellers and suppliers. There are plenty of them over the internet. Please research properly and stay safe from scammers. Additionally please bookmark the following facts:
1) Original Ayurvedic Urea developed by us works guaranteed.
2) If you are not satisfied by our product then return it and get your money back. Refund policy here!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Amazon and Ebay AyurvedicUrea scam - How to stay safe?

Ebay and Amazon are largest e-commerce websites. Fraudulent sellers are looking for ways to trick innocent buyers via these giant web platforms. Always perform the following checks before buying from these internet sellers.
1) Always ask the seller UIC and SERIAL No. and always verify those numbers with us.
2) Never trust what a seller is saying and ask them for proof regarding the stock availability.

For example: (Amazon and Ebay case) Refer pics: The seller is mentioning that he got real stock in hand and the product works guaranteed. Before you buy from this seller or hit the ebay/amazon checkout button ask the seller UIC and SERIAL numbers and verify the numbers with us at Fraudulent sellers do not have any information about UIC and SERIAL numbers and they simply cannot provide you such info. If they don't provide or hesitate to provide you the numbers, it's clear they are scammers and trying to trick you. Ignore these con artists and stay safe.

Monday, December 09, 2019

Ayurvedic zuna from herbal craft group - A new scam

No matter how wisely a product is marketed, if unethical and unlawful procedures are applied to its marketing process it's considered a crime. Criminals who conduct such crimes must be prosecuted. As we mentioned previously, Indian scammers are on the rise. A scammer will try to trick you in different ways. This is one of the recent scam tactics applied by Indian fraudster(Rohit Sharma or Siddharth Ghosh) to rob you out of your hard earned money. Recently we spotted a pattern from a infamous scammer from India. His name is Rohit Sharma/Siddharth Ghosh and apparently he runs Herbal Craft Group/Culture art group. This scammer introduced a brand new scam product online and the product name is "Ayurvedic Zuna". He claims the product ingredient is Dhatrumurgasiniy herb. As a matter of fact he also stole image from our website and created a bottle label. Steer clear from this scammer and report this person to authorities in India for deceiving Indians. Ayurvedic Zuna is a scam product and doesn't contain any Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs. Don't fall for this scam. This criminal is also a part of chain Indiamart website 'ayurvedic urea listings' scam. If you are in India please report this scammer to Indian authorities.
ayurvedic zuna scam

dhatrumurgasiniy fake herbs

ayurvedic zuna scam

fake dhatrumurgasiniy herb fake ayurvedic zuna

Rohit Sharma or Siddharth Ghosh (The Indian Fraudster)

Please keep in mind: "Dhatrumurgasiniy herb or Ayurvedic Urea" is strictly licensed to Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia and nobody in this world hold the original stock/herb except us. Beware of scammers and perform due research before buying. For any questions contact us!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Research properly because so many people fall for Ayurvedic Urea Scams !

This is the age of internet. Google has dominated the search industry and it is indeed a great search engine. However You shouldn't completely rely on Google for your e-commerce purchase. This is what happens if you don't research properly and blindly trust Google.

"Buy Ayurvedic Urea" keyword on Google reveals the following:

Here is from another site, Indian scammers on the rise:

Stay Safe! If you have any questions related to Ayurvedic Urea, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you want to report a fake website please contact us at

Best Regards,
Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Extra caution with this fake website imitating as official website !!!

Dear Buyers,

Please take extra caution in this age of internet. Previously we had pills scam from Lance Ward who registered ayurvedic urea pills website. Now apparently it looks like he is gone but his site is still active though. Another player has already arrived with his newly registered fake website and is imitating his website as the official website. Please perform whois check on any website that pretends to be official.

(Fake website imitating as Official)

Beware of this scam site!

Stay Safe!

Please keep in mind:
1) Registering a website with the words "ayurvedic urea" doesn't make any website official. Even you can register it instantly. Wanna try visit

2) i.e (Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia) is the only official website of Ayurvedic Urea. We are the founder, creator and inventor of this exotic medicine. Nobody in this world hold the original stock except us, so you better watch out and stay vigilant!

Best Regards,
Ayurvedic Urea Research

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Ayurvedic Urea reviews and testimonials from our buyers

Off topic here: Golden milk can be the latest trend hitting your local espresso shop, but the warm beverage has been around for millennium and has a protracted lifestyle in historical Ayurvedic medicine. 

ayurvedic urea review testimonial from buyers

The ingredient answerable for golden milk's shiny yellow color is turmeric, an anti-inflammatory spice. Golden milk powders, which may also be mixed effortlessly into the milk of your choice (dairy or plant-based), add sweetness to this spice for a healthful and engaging elixir.

Click here to view review/testimonial !

Best Regards,
Ayurvedic Urea Blog (Official)

Monday, September 23, 2019



(This is archived post from the year 2014) Team) sets new age threshold for height treatment.

QUICK SUMMARY :- Now, anyone over 35-45 can increase their height too by using Ayurvedic Urea but with certain limitations....
What has changed?
1) Recommended age group

2) Guarantee policy

Previously recommended age group - 13-35
New recommended age threshold - 13-45

Note - The guarantee for anyone over 35-36-37 and up to 45 is reduced by 2 inches for 4 inches liquid/powder package, 3 inches for 6 inches liquid/powder package and 4 inches for 8 inches liquid/powder package. For example --- If you are 36 or 38 or 42 or 45 and if you buy the 8 inches liquid/powder package we can guarantee you only 4 inches and so on for other packages(4 or 6).

Note - Anyone falling in between 13-35,, everything remains the same and nothing has changed for powder/liquid , the above rule does not apply!

Note - Ayurvedic Urea "HERB" is strongly recommended only for peoples who are in between 13-35. For example --- If you are 36 and purchased the herb no guarantee is given but if you lie in between 13-35 we can guarantee you 3-7 inches of height gain!

Information about Dhatrumurgasiniy herb - world's rarest herbs !

Information about Dhatrumurgasiniy!

(Rarest Herb)

original ayurvedic urea dhatrumurgasiniy herbs

SCAM ALERT:- Educate yourself before it's too late! Ayurvedic Urea/Dhatrumurgasiniy is a very high dollar product/rare product and we guess this is the main reason why there are so many professional scammers online or offline whose main job is to rip off innocent buyers badly. One fake sale guarantees a scammer thousands of dollars. Educate yourself now. Don't be a victim of scam. Don't fall in con artists well scripted trick after all pro scammers are greatest actors of all times.

WARNING:- There are plenty of herbs/plants found in South Asian jungles which look very very similar to this rarest herb(Dhatrumurgasiniy) but most of them which highly resemble Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs are extremely poisonous and are considered fake herbs which won't work at all and is of high risk to human health. Don't try to identify herbs by tasting them. Because of this similarity found, It's very easy to fake this herb by scammers. Beware of fake Ayurvedic Urea/Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs. Always verify UIC and SERIAL NUMBERS! so that you can be sure you are buying original Ayurvedic Urea herbs and not fake or poisonous stuffs from fraudsters.

"Ayurvedic Urea" is a grow taller and height increasing medicine which is available in powder, liquid and herb. Ayurvedic Urea research is a multi million dollar project. Dhatrumurgasiniy is one and only ingredient found in this exquisite grow taller medicine named as Ayurvedic Urea. Nobody on Earth except the official website team are allowed to enter the area in the himalayan ranges in Nepal where Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs are found. The whole area is protected and is secured with exclusive military forces as per the agreement with Nepalese government. Also, as per the terms with Nepalese government the official website team aren't allowed to transfer the herbs to US or other countries for cultivation which makes it most rare and expensive medicine. The whole research is private and full secrecy is maintained both by the official website and Nepalese Government. is the sole license holder of Dhatrumurgasiniy in those himalayan areas because we were the first to discover this new rare herb and nobody except Ayurvedic Urea Official team can get their hands on this ingredient/herb, not even the Nepal Government as per the law included in the agreement with the Nepalese Government. We have purchased several acres of land in that area in order to protect this rare herb from extinction and other unseen circumstances such as natural calamities or natural disasters.
Dhatrumurgasiniy c/o The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Contact us for more info!



Dear Buyers, Please take extra precaution online. If you found some unknown sellers/suppliers who claim to sell Ayurvedic Urea products always ask them UIC and SERIAL NO. of the package and verify those numbers by sending email to us at
Note-- If you purchased Ayurvedic Urea products from our authorized resellers, please check your package for UIC and SERIAL NO + RDS LABEL NO.

Note-- Very often we find ourselves in a situation where buyers are asking UIC/SERIAL NO. to us for verification. Regarding this---> Please don't get confused! There is no need of asking UIC or Serial number to us i.e the official website team because we are the real inventor/producer of Ayurvedic Urea but in case you are buying from other unknown sellers strictly verify the uic and serial no. by sending email to us at

Question -- What is UIC and SERIAL NO.?
Answer -- UIC = Unique identification code, The UIC is 8 digits code and Serial No. is of 10 digits. Every Ayurvedic Urea package herb, liquid and powder is labelled with UIC and SERIAL NO.

Question-- Why to verify UIC and SERIAL NO.?
Answer -- To prevent yourself from scam/fraud, duplicate/fake Ayurvedic Urea products and to check whether a seller/supplier is legitimate or scammer and if they hold original stock in possession or just bluffing around.

Question -- How does the verification process work?
Answer -- The UIC/SERIAL NO. verification is a very straightforward simple process. All you need to do is email us UIC/SERIAL NO. at Once we receive your email we will come up with a full report of the package details(like whether its fake or a duplicate product or original product, date of creation, package type i.e if it is a Herb or Powder or Liquid, package inches 4/6/8 inches, expiration, opinion about seller etc)


UIC SERIAL NO. verification report ayurvedic urea

Ayurvedic Urea side effect


Attention:- Some of our buyers have reported that somnolence can't be tolerated and they took some medicines/pills to eradicate the somnolence impact welcoming Insomnia. Please, Its a warning never attempt to do that, if you do that you are harming your body yourself. If you are genuinely serious about growing taller the 3-5 months of somnolence must be welcomed in your life during the medicine intake! Do not attempt to take sleep removing/avoiding pills or tablets. Let the somnolence occur to its max and sleep whole day and night!

In details below-

-Starting from day 1 of the Ayurvedic Urea intake you will notice extreme laziness and drowsiness which literally means that this medicine has already started its work inside your body. Lets not misunderstand this with side-effects, its the way how Ayurvedic Urea works inside human body resulting in somnolence. The day you notice more/maximum extreme laziness and drowsiness make sure yourself that this is the peak day of your max increase in length of bones. This day you will achieve the max increase in length of bones, you may check your height the next day to understand the difference.

Somnolence and Laziness can be taken as tiny effect but not the side-effect because it actually doesn't harm the human body. Its a minor! Also, Somnolence/Laziness can be taken as a solid proof to know that the Ayurvedic Urea is working inside your body to its fullest!

Ayurvedic Urea dosage and usage guide


ayurvedic urea dose guide

The Ayurvedic Urea Dosage And Use (How To Guide)
Updated on Friday Oct 21 2016 at 7:27:48 AM EST

Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)

For 8 inches Powder - Dosage
Eat 203.703 grams morning
Eat 203.703 grams afternoon
Eat 203.703 grams night
Total = 611.11 grams per day for 3 months.
Total = 55 Kilo Grams

For 6 inches Powder - Dosage
Eat 93.33 grams morning
Eat 93.33 grams afternoon
Eat 93.33 grams night
Total = 280 grams per day for 5 months.
Total = 42 Kilo Grams

For 4 inches Powder - Dosage
Eat 46.29 grams morning
Eat 46.29 grams afternoon
Eat 46.29 grams night
Total = 138.88 grams per day for 6 months.
Total = 25 Kilo Grams
Avoid alcohol during the powder intake...


Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)
8 inches = 50 liters approx. for 8-9 months
6 inches = 36 liters approx. for 8-9 months
4 inches = 24 liters approx. for 8-9 months

For 8 inches Liquid - Dosage
Drink 4 table spoon liquid morning
Drink 4 table spoon liquid afternoon
Drink 4 table spoon liquid night before sleep--Total 12 table spoon liquid per day
Total = 50 liters per 4 t.spoon x 3 times per day for 8-9 months. Hereby calculated for 9 months.

For 6 inches Liquid - Dosage
Drink 3 table spoon liquid morning
Drink 3 table spoon liquid afternoon
Drink 3 table spoon liquid night before sleep-Total 9 table spoon liquid per day
Total = 36 liters per 3 t.spoon x 3 times per day for 8-9 months. Hereby calculated for 9 months.

For 4 inches Liquid - Dosage
Drink 2 table spoon liquid morning
Drink 2 table spoon liquid afternoon
Drink 2 table spoon liquid night before sleep-Total 6 table spoon liquid per day
Total = 24 liters per 2 t.spoon x 3 times per day for 8-9 months.-Hereby calculated for 9 months.
Avoid alcohol during the liquid intake...


Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)
For Herb 'dosage and usage' Please scroll down:

After buying the herb, here are some of the complicated steps to follow…
1. >>> Place this herb in a large pot filled with 10 liters of water.
2. >>> Boil it for at least 1-3 hours until the water level falls to 4-5 liters. (Make sure not less than 4 liters)
3. >>> Let it cool down.
4. >>> Store it in a freezer for 9-10 months without removing the herb from the pot. (Minimum wait 8 months, for more effectiveness 9-10 months is perfect)
5. >>> Ayurvedic Urea herb is now ready to consume and for the next 4 months you have to take this liquid on a daily basis.
6. >>> Have this liquid 1-tablespoon morning after waking up and 1 spoon before going to bed at night.
7. >>> 3-7 inches growth is guaranteed.**
**NOTE:- You can grow anywhere in between 3" to 7" by consuming this herb in full but please keep in mind the guarantee policy for the herb holds only "at least 3 inches". In other words, you are highly assured that you will grow at least 3 inches with the herb and that's our guarantee. The inches above 3 and up to 7 does not fall in the guarantee policy. However, with Ayurvedic Urea powder & liquid purchase you are given 100% guarantee for particular package inches growth! Still confused? Contact us!

Questions asked by our client:-

**If I order two ayurvedic urea herb what is the minimum and maximum inches I will get tall?
Ans ---- According to our Research Statistics conducted on 19 individuals age group 15-35 male/female - Max Growth 7 inches, Min Growth 3 inches

**And is there any expiration? for example if i've done freezing the 2 herb for 10months so I will take them for the next 8 months right?thank you
Ans ---- Once you freeze the herb for 10 months its good to go for at least 5 years, in other words expiration date is set to be 5 years from the time the herb is ready to consume.
Avoid alcohol during the Herb intake...


Raw Data (Actual Data may differ)
Note:- 1 inch sample is always powder!
Eat 203 grams approx. (morning)
Eat 203 grams approx. (afternoon)
Eat 203 grams approx. (night)
Total = 609 grams approx. per day for 14 days only.
Total = 8.5 Kilo Grams-Avoid alcohol during the sample intake...

Ayurvedic Urea price list


price list of original ayurvedic urea official site

Ayurvedic Urea Price List
##Ayurvedic Urea(HERB) Price-List 3-7 inches = US $10000 only i.e 10k (in USD) previous price US $6999 i.e 7k increased by 42.85%

##Ayurvedic Urea(Powder) Price-List 4 inches = US $20000 i.e 20k (in USD) previous price US $70000 i.e 70k decreased by 250% 6 inches = US $25000 i.e 25k (in USD) previous price US $86500 i.e 86.5k decreased by 246% 8 inches = US $30000 i.e 30k (in USD) previous price US $110000 i.e 110k decreased by 266.66%

##Ayurvedic Urea(Liquid) Price-List 4 inches = US $20000 i.e 20k (in USD) previous price US $43000 i.e 43k decreased by 114.99% 6 inches = US $25000 i.e 25k (in USD) previous price US $69000 i.e 69k decreased by 176% 8 inches = US $30000 i.e 30k (in USD) previous price US $105000 i.e 105k decreased by 250%

##Ayurvedic Urea(1" sample) Price-List 1 inch = US $10000 i.e 10k (in USD) Note:- Sample is always powder!

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Ayurvedic Urea Gift Cards Gift Certificates

gift cards ayurvedic urea gift certificates

Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates/gift cards!
Dear Buyers, You can also buy Ayurvedic Urea with Ayurvedic Urea gift cards. In order to purchase via Ayurvedic Urea gift cards, you need to first purchase those gift cards (or if you already have one received from your friend or family members as a gift) and send us the gift card code numbers. Once we verify the code numbers are correct, we will then instruct your authorized reseller to proceed with shipment. Your seller will receive money from us within a week of codes verification. It's that easy to buy with Ayurvedic Urea Gift Certificates.

Buy Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates/cards!

Click here to buy AU gift cards

Note:- We ourself don't issue Ayurvedic Urea gift cards or gift certificates. All cards/certificates are issued by third party vendor

Is there anyone in your friend's circle, family or neighbor who is of short stature and desperately wanting to grow taller and increase their height legitimately? Do you want to surprise someone by giving them the best gift of all times? If yes, we are ready to fulfill your wish by providing you Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates/card. You can pay our authorized resellers using Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates instead of cash. If you bought Ayurvedic Urea gift certificate from or from somewhere(grocery, retails, friends and etc) then you can use those certificate to be redeemed for purchase. All gift certificates expire after 3 years if unused and redeemed cards expire immediately after redemption.

>>----- How to redeem?
Simply send us the gift certificate/gift card code to with "GIFT CERTIFICATE" as subject line. Once we receive your email with valid codes, we will instruct your authorized reseller to ship the package to your address. Your seller will receive money from us within a week of codes verification/redemption!

>>----- Who accept gift certificates?
All Authorized resellers will be more than happy to accept your gift certificate/gift card to be redeemed towards purchase of Ayurvedic Urea products.

>>----- How to buy Ayurvedic Urea gift certificates?
Visit to buy now!


Authorized Ayurvedic Urea Suppliers List

(Authorized Ayurvedic Urea Resellers)

This product Original Ayurvedic Urea manufactured by us i.e, (Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia) is extremely rare and therefore we have limited amount of resellers supplying the product. Resellers make huge amount of money through commission supplying Original Ayurvedic Urea. As a buyer, Reseller-Gateway is the only option made available to you in order to buy Original Ayurvedic Urea. We do not sell Ayurvedic Urea directly!

Note to Buyers:- Authorized Resellers are verified, legitimate, and they hold original stock in possession. You aren't required to ask UIC/SERIAL if you are buying from authorized resellers. However if you choose to buy from unauthorized seller or someone from Internet who claim to sell Ayurvedic Urea, please ask the unauthorized seller UIC/SERIAL numbers of the package and always verify the numbers with us.

Authorized Seller #
PRICE LIST: Contact them!

Authorized Seller #
PRICE LIST: Contact them!

Authorized Seller #
PRICE LIST: Contact them!

Authorized Seller #
PRICE LIST: Contact them!

Authorized Seller #
PRICE LIST: Contact them!

Heads up! Are you interested in becoming our authorized Reseller? If yes, please fill up this form !

*Report Authorized Reseller - Click Here!

Best Regards,
The Ayurvedic Urea Official Mongolia

Saturday, September 14, 2019

List of Scam Websites Online - To be updated

(This page will be updated periodically as we find new information about fraudulent sellers online)
Ayurvedic Urea Research i.e is the only official website of original Ayurvedic Urea. These days you will find many websites or blog appearing in first page of google/bing/yahoo search engines. These websites use several manipulating techniques to appear front line on these search engines. Here are the list of websites deemed fraudulent by us:

Click here to view the list:

Best Regards,
Ayurvedic Urea Research,

Original or Duplicate Ayurvedic Urea ?


There are many fraudsters, con artists and fake sellers online or offline who claim to sell Ayurvedic Urea medicine! The best part is:- You can easily spot the fraud and stay safe!!!

Here's how:-

First thing, Ayurvedic Urea is the world's most expensive height increasing medicine and the price starts at USD $10000 i.e 10k. Anyone trying to sell you this medicine at ridiculously lower range might be a scam or a duplicate product. Note: The only way to buy original Ayurvedic Urea is by contacting our authorized resellers who are scattered in different countries globally!

Secondly, Ask the seller UIC and SERIAL NO. of the package(4, 6 or 8 inches). The UIC is 8 digits code and Serial No. is of 10 digits. If the seller is legit and got the real/original stock, He/She can easily provide the UIC and Serial No. You can check the UIC and Serial No. by contacting us at (Please, send UIC and Serial No. provided by the seller to you via email). We will check the UIC and Serial No. and let you know about the legitimacy of the stock. Please, note:- It might take 3-4 days for us to reply you back due to the large volume of emails we receive everyday but its a promise every emails will be replied!


How to avoid Ayurvedic Urea fake sellers ?


Tips to avoid Ayurvedic Urea scam!

1) When you ask them UIC and SERIAL NO. they would say :- "We aren't allowed to share uic and serial no. because its very confidential, we will give you numbers once you buy or pay money" (Avoid this scam, never buy from anyone if they hesitate to provide you uic and serial no.

2) They try to make you feel obligated towards them. Scammers use persuasive psychological tactics to make you part with your money. Some may offer a free gift or assistance to make you feel obliged to return the favor.(Just like "ayurvedic urea for free" video posted on youtube) Remember, you do not owe the scammer anything so don't be pressured into giving them something(money/your precious dollars) in return.

3) Awesome offer or Unmissable opportunity or SALE - The terms 'last chance' or 'limited offer' are often used by scammers to make you act fast. They don't want to give you any time to check if their offer is real before you commit to it. They offer you Ayurvedic Urea at ridiculously lower rates like $750, $1000 etc(all scam don't buy don't fall)

4) Try to become your friend - Scammers know that if they develop a friendly relationship with you, you are more likely to listen to them and go along with whatever they are suggesting(pay them money). Some scammers access groups of people in churches or community groups, online forums, facebook groups, local communities and gain their trust. While the investment or offer appears to be going well, they can recruit new victims on the testimony of other people already in the scheme.

5) Scammers will say they are approved or associated with another organization(mostly official website) or government agency(high ranking officers) to convince you of their legitimacy. They hope that you have heard of these organizations so you will trust them. They might also say they are a professional broker or third party dealer. Even if they sound professional and have slick brochures and documents to send you, they are working to a carefully crafted script.

6) Phone calls - Professional Scammers can call you endlessly or try to keep you on the phone for a long time. They present you with promises of delivering product instantly after payment is done. Most of the professional Ayurvedic Urea scammers are located in Nigeria and getting a USA or UK phone number is very easy for them or anyone. Just google free US or UK phone number. The scammer proves you that he/she is located in US or UK but later tells you to wire money to Nigeria.

7) Many scammers create professional-looking websites to prove to you that their product is real and worth the money they want you to pay. Beware of flashy professional looking websites.


Ayurvedic Urea officially released !

Attention:- Strong pre-sales/unofficial sales has already bankrupted our stock. Interested buyers can still contact us to know about stock availability.

"We aren't creating monopoly. We are just doing our job of fulfilling clients based relationship. - Sharon Stone (Director of Ayurvedic Urea Research)"

Ayurvedic Urea is officially released today!
Quick Info:- Ayurvedic Urea release date:- September 8 2014, This product is officially released today but in a limited manner with Chinese hospitals holding top priority. Very secret/private!

Ayurvedic Urea research ends successfully with 100% positive results. Ayurvedic Urea is released today from research related activities. Now onwards few herbs/liquid/powder reserved for research will be accumulated towards sale. We cannot reveal or share the statistics of packages made available for commercial sales every year!

Current Factual Stats:- For those who aren't aware of this fact:- Ayurvedic Urea is a very very rare product and no more than 200-250 packages(Herbs/Liquid/Powder) could be sold in a year due to its rarity. Ayurvedic Urea is officially released today but only in the following two hospitals-

1. Zhongshan Hospital (China) (No commercial sales/Only bones disorder treatment/Full secrecy and very Private)
2. Ruijin Hospital (China) (No commercial sales/Only bones disorder treatment/Full secrecy and very Private)

Both of these hospitals mentioned above are our biggest client and of high priority to us. Many packages go directly/indirectly there, we cannot reveal or share the statistics of packages going there every year! We apologize!

The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Friday, January 01, 2016

Ayurvedic Urea Investment Opportunity

Ayurvedic Urea Investment Program -
Make at least USD $20000 per month!

Investors Alert-
Wonderful opportunity to make at least USD $20000 and up to USD $50000 per month and it's very simple to start with. All you need is upfront investment of USD $50000 which you can invest in buying 5 packages of authentic 4 inches Ayurvedic Urea(powder or liquid) from us at USD ($$$$$ special discounted rates exclusively for investors per pack) and then resale it at USD $20000 per pack at our real market price. Please note that this product is very very rare and gets sold out real quick and this way you can make up to USD $50000 immediately or if not at least USD $20000 per month.

ayurvedic urea image

ayurvedic urea powder original

ayurvedic urea in liquid original

Benefits to Investor:-
1) Quick forwarding all potential buyers to you for a guaranteed sale.
2) Drop shipping benefits (You don't need to stock product at all).
3) Top email priority and phone support provided in case you want to contact us urgently.

If you are truly interested and wanna work with us then do give us a shout at One of our staff will be in contact with you sooner or later!

Best Regards,
c/o Sharon Stone & Associates
Ayurvedic Urea Investment Program
The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Original ayurvedic urea or duplicate fake !


Beware Buyers --- Ayurvedic Urea is not a PILL, The so called Ayurvedic Urea Pills(from Lance Ward or ayurvedic urea pills add dot and com) floating in the market is a complete SCAM and duplicate product which won't work at all!!! See this pic, This is fake/duplicate Ayurvedic Urea, Learn more in details below to avoid this SCAM

duplicate fake ayurvedic urea

BRAND NEW SCAM EXPOSED:- (To be honest we actually didn't thought about it but this actually happened, very smart move from the scammers side and when we knew it.. these con artists already looted many innocent buyers out of their hard earned money)

This is very funny! This shows how easily scammers can scam innocent customers online and fool them instantly.

Please watch the picture above of a fake Ayurvedic Urea. This is not original Ayurvedic Urea and most important Ayurvedic Urea is not pill and it does not come in such kind of bottle with such labels. Its amazing how scammers can create a fake bottle, create a fake website, get some labels and put the two words Ayurvedic Urea on them. Do note every original Ayurvedic Urea packages comes with a big box stamped with UIC/SERIAL NUMBERS and is labelled Beware of scammers trying to scam you. ALWAYS VERIFY UIC AND SERIAL NUMBER WITH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE by sending an email to STAY SAFE. Lastly, is the only official website of legitimate/original Ayurvedic Urea medicine. Any other fake/duplicate websites claiming to be official website are all big SCAM!!!

Issued in Public Interest by The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fraudulent Ayurvedic Urea sellers - Scam Alert

(Sample of fraudulent Ayurvedic Urea Ads online)

Ayurvedic Urea scam and Fraud Ad listings and there are many fraudulent sellers/suppliers available online! Beware and don't fall in their scam, always ask them UIC and SERIAL NO. and verify those numbers with us before buying from these thugs. Example of scam listings as under!

fake fraudulent ayurvedic urea sellers suppliers

fake ayurvedic urea scammers fraud

fake ayurvedic urea suppliers

fraud ayurvedic urea sellers

fake ayurvedic urea suppliers and scammers

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