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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Time flies real quick!

There's a saying time flies real quick. It is so true...

It has been almost 5 years we debuted our most favorite 4 inches package in both liquid and powder version. Hundreds of people bought it and achieved their dream of being taller.

Our website is 5 years old too!

"Everyone growing up too fast is making us happy"

Best Regards,
The Ayurvedic Urea Official Team

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Post Ayurvedic Urea Reviews and Testimonials here (verified buyers only)

Dear 'Ayurvedic Urea' Buyers,


Are you happy after using our product? Did you really grow? How much height did you gain? We would love to hear from you. Now onwards you can post your review and testimonial about original Ayurvedic Urea which you bought directly from us by using our commenting system below. Please post in the following manner!

Your name:- Abc Xyz
Your country:- USA
Your verified purchase id:- 60000111
Your review/testimonial :- ..............

Note:- In order to reduce spam and fake buyers, we will check every verified purchase id to make sure the buyer is a real one before it is published on our website comments section. We will also cross check buyers full name and verified purchase id. If there is a discrepancy in your review we won't publish it. If you do not provide verified id number and/or full name your review won't be published at all!

Note:- We do not accept reviews from customers who bought original Ayurvedic Urea from Authorized sellers! If the verified purchase id match a product bought from our authorized sellers we won't publish your review!

Note:- You can find verified purchase id number in your instruction manual book which comes along with the package or final delivery confirmation email which we send to everyone before delivering the product. Please check your emails or instruction manual to know about your id!

Note:- Please write in English. Non-English review won't be published!

Note:- Our website is constantly stalked by 'fake Ayurvedic Urea scammers' and for this reason and for your safety do not post your phone number, email id's or other sensitive information in your testimonial!

(UPDATE as of Friday, October 28 2016, 2.02 AM EST):- Number of comments on this page has crossed "200". In order to view all major comments and replies to major comments above 200 please click on "Load more..." just at the bottom of this page. Refer image below for help or click here!

UPDATE:- We've stopped accepting new comments on this page but you can still post your review/testimonial by clicking here!

Best Regards, Official Team

[Please post your testimonial sincerely and honestly. Although we may not respond directly to your review, we study them to continually improve our service]

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ayurvedic Urea Investment Program -
Make at least USD $20000 per month!

Investors Alert-
Wonderful opportunity to make at least USD $20000 and up to USD $50000 per month and it's very simple to start with. All you need is upfront investment of USD $50000 which you can invest in buying 5 packages of authentic 4 inches Ayurvedic Urea(powder or liquid) from us at USD ($$$$$ special discounted rates exclusively for investors per pack) and then resale it at USD $20000 per pack at our real market price. Please note that this product is very very rare and gets sold out real quick and this way you can make up to USD $50000 immediately or if not at least USD $20000 per month.

Benefits to Investor:-
1) Quick forwarding all potential buyers to you for a guaranteed sale.
2) Drop shipping benefits (You don't need to stock product at all).
3) Top email priority and phone support provided in case you want to contact us urgently.

If you are truly interested and wanna work with us then do give us a shout at One of our staff will be in contact with you sooner or later!

Best Regards,
c/o Sharon Stone & Associates
Ayurvedic Urea Investment Program
The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Monday, January 26, 2015


Beware of this ayurvedic-urea scammer below! This scam artist posted directly to our facebook page... Avoid their scams. Always ask UIC/SERIAL No. and BEWARE OF FAKE/DUPLICATE AYURVEDIC UREA!!!! SCAM ALERT!!!

WARNING:- Providing a phone number doesn't make them legit because these days anyone can buy phone numbers online or use free voip(voice over ip or internet service)!!! Beware!!!
Pic attached!

UPDATE:- Here's another example, Pic Attached below!

Another ;;;--

Next Scammer on

Best Regards,

Monday, September 8, 2014


Attention:- Strong pre-sales/unofficial sales has already bankrupted our stock. Interested buyers can still contact us to know about stock availability.

"We aren't creating monopoly. We are just doing our job of fulfilling clients based relationship. - Sharon Stone (Director of Ayurvedic Urea Research)"

Ayurvedic Urea is officially released today!
Quick Info:- Ayurvedic Urea release date:- September 8 2014, This product is officially released today but in a limited manner with Chinese hospitals holding top priority. Very secret/private!

Ayurvedic Urea research ends successfully with 100% positive results. Ayurvedic Urea is released today from research related activities. Now onwards few herbs/liquid/powder reserved for research will be accumulated towards sale. We cannot reveal or share the statistics of packages made available for commercial sales every year!

Current Factual Stats:- For those who aren't aware of this fact:- Ayurvedic Urea is a very very rare product and no more than 200-250 packages(Herbs/Liquid/Powder) could be sold in a year due to its rarity. Ayurvedic Urea is officially released today but only in the following two hospitals-

1. Zhongshan Hospital (China) (No commercial sales/Only bones disorder treatment/Full secrecy and very Private)
2. Ruijin Hospital (China) (No commercial sales/Only bones disorder treatment/Full secrecy and very Private)

Both of these hospitals mentioned above are our biggest client and of high priority to us. Many packages go directly/indirectly there, we cannot reveal or share the statistics of packages going there every year! We apologize!

The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Tips to avoid Ayurvedic Urea scam!

1) When you ask them UIC and SERIAL NO. they would say :- "We aren't allowed to share uic and serial no. because its very confidential, we will give you numbers once you buy or pay money" (Avoid this scam, never buy from anyone if they hesitate to provide you uic and serial no.)

2) They try to make you feel obligated towards them. Scammers use persuasive psychological tactics to make you part with your money. Some may offer a free gift or assistance to make you feel obliged to return the favor.(Just like "ayurvedic urea for free" video posted on youtube) Remember, you do not owe the scammer anything so don't be pressured into giving them something(money/your precious dollars) in return.

3) Awesome offer or Unmissable opportunity or SALE - The terms 'last chance' or 'limited offer' are often used by scammers to make you act fast. They don't want to give you any time to check if their offer is real before you commit to it. They offer you Ayurvedic Urea at ridiculously lower rates like $750, $1000 etc(all scam don't buy don't fall)

4) Try to become your friend - Scammers know that if they develop a friendly relationship with you, you are more likely to listen to them and go along with whatever they are suggesting(pay them money). Some scammers access groups of people in churches or community groups, online forums, facebook groups, local communities and gain their trust. While the investment or offer appears to be going well, they can recruit new victims on the testimony of other people already in the scheme. 

5) Scammers will say they are approved or associated with another organization(mostly official website) or government agency(high ranking officers) to convince you of their legitimacy. They hope that you have heard of these organizations so you will trust them. They might also say they are a professional broker or third party dealer. Even if they sound professional and have slick brochures and documents to send you, they are working to a carefully crafted script.

6) Phone calls - Professional Scammers can call you endlessly or try to keep you on the phone for a long time. They present you with promises of delivering product instantly after payment is done. Most of the professional Ayurvedic Urea scammers are located in Nigeria and getting a USA or UK phone number is very easy for them or anyone. Just google free US or UK phone number. The scammer proves you that he/she is located in US or UK but later tells you to wire money to Nigeria.

7) Many scammers create professional-looking websites to prove to you that their product is real and worth the money they want you to pay. Beware of flashy professional looking websites.


Friday, August 8, 2014

RESEARCHER SETS NEW AGE THRESHOLD Team) sets new age threshold for height treatment.

QUICK SUMMARY :- Now, anyone over 35-45 can increase their height too by using Ayurvedic Urea but with certain limitations....

What has changed?
1) Recommended age group
2) Guarantee policy

Previously recommended age group - 13-35
New recommended age threshold - 13-45 

Note - The guarantee for anyone over 35-36-37 and up to 45 is reduced by 2 inches for 4 inches liquid/powder package, 3 inches for 6 inches liquid/powder package and 4 inches for 8 inches liquid/powder package. For example --- If you are 36 or 38 or 42 or 45 and if you buy the 8 inches liquid/powder package we can guarantee you only 4 inches and so on for other packages(4 or 6).

Note - Anyone falling in between 13-35,, everything remains the same and nothing has changed for powder/liquid , the above rule does not apply!

Note - Ayurvedic Urea "HERB" is strongly recommended only for peoples who are in between 13-35. For example --- If you are 36 and purchased the herb no guarantee is given but if you lie in between 13-35 we can guarantee you 3-7 inches of height gain!


Monday, July 7, 2014


Sample of fraudulent Ayurvedic Urea Ads online
Ayurvedic Urea scam and Fraud Ad listings + many scam sellers available online! Beware and don't fall in their scam, always ask them UIC and SERIAL NO. and verify those numbers with us before buying from these thugs. See this page below all scam sellers!

Additional screenshot of scam listings...

Monday, May 26, 2014


Attention:- This offer is suspended due to limited stock!

(GROW TALLER FOR GOOD) in association with American Cancer Society!
Thanks to Sharon Stone (Director of

We are pleased to offer you an exclusive opportunity to get 8 inches Ayurvedic Urea liquid package worth $105000 for just $250. This offer is valid worldwide and is reset every 90 days or 4 times a year!

Offer starts - May 27 2014, Offer ends - August 27 2014!

How it works:-
1) CLICK HERE(link removed, offer suspended) to donate $250, every amount will be credited to the American Cancer Society.
2) Once your donation is confirmed/paid your name and email id will be automatically stored in our database.
3) Every 90 days we choose 1 lucky donor who will receive Ayurvedic Urea 8 inches Liquid package for free or $250.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to donate now!(link removed, offer suspended)

The Ayurvedic Urea Official

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here's our new victim (Ayurvedic Urea Pills Scam) FAKE DUPLICATE PRODUCT SOLD FOR £ 1200 or $2100 AGAIN, update $3840

Update- Well, We guess the seller re-listed the fake product again because the buyer who won the product previously didn't paid the money (£ 1200 or $2100)  and guess what happened another buyer won the bid and paid slightly higher actually double (£ 2278 or $3840) than the previous sale, This is amazing foolishness! scroll down for updated screenshots! And do keep in mind this is only happening on eBay and just imagine how much scams are going elsewhere because there are plenty of such websites where buying/selling trading platform exists like amazon, gumtree, craiglist etc etc.... More than $100000 is lost to scammers every month and this is the reality!!!

Fake/Duplicate Ayurvedic Urea = It won't work at all, waste of money!
Here's our new victim who just got scammed on eBay and 5 bidders/peoples fighting for this fake product. In other words 5 buyers wanted to actually try fake Ayurvedic Urea, WoW!

We warned buyers many times about fake/duplicate Ayurvedic Urea via our website but it just look like this buyer ignored all those posts and can't wait to get scammed on eBay. Here's our new victim who placed higher bids on and won this fake product.
This victim paid £1220 i.e $2100 approx for this "fake Ayurvedic Urea Pills" and this amount was the winning bid. We have attached the screenshot of sales page below, please find it. This person whoever bought it will sooner or later know he just paid money for a product which will never work because he just purchased scam!

(PIC 1)

(PIC 2)