Friday, June 26, 2020

Newbies are at higher risk of getting scammed !

Scammers are intelligent. They post fake review online, create fake websites and label it as official website. They try to sell you fake stuff i.e fake ayurvedic urea on facebook, forums and on their own fake sites. It is your duty to learn which is real and fake. Refer image below and Stay safe:


  1. The fake review on youtube is truly fake. She is a fake artist who posts on fiverr and charge you for speaking fake testimonials. Don't trust these Nigerian scammers. They can do anything to scam you.

    1. And just below the fake review description on youtube, you will see the fake official site links, they post links there to lure you into buying their fake product. They are basically telling you to go to their fake site and order.

  2. I want to buy a 4 inch pack where is reseller in Romania, Europe? Thank you