Sunday, November 03, 2019

Extra caution with this fake website imitating as official website !!!

Dear Buyers,

Please take extra caution in this age of internet. Previously we had pills scam from Lance Ward who registered ayurvedic urea pills website. Now apparently it looks like he is gone but his site is still active though. Another player has already arrived with his newly registered fake website and is imitating his website as the official website. Please perform whois check on any website that pretends to be official.

(Fake website imitating as Official)

Beware of this scam site!

Stay Safe!

Please keep in mind:
1) Registering a website with the words "ayurvedic urea" doesn't make any website official. Even you can register it instantly. Wanna try visit

2) i.e (Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia) is the only official website of Ayurvedic Urea. We are the founder, creator and inventor of this exotic medicine. Nobody in this world hold the original stock except us, so you better watch out and stay vigilant!

Best Regards,
Ayurvedic Urea Research


  1. Very true. I follow your site and every information is useful!

  2. Oh Lord how much scam in this industry?