Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Original ayurvedic urea or duplicate fake !


Beware Buyers --- Ayurvedic Urea is not a PILL, The so called Ayurvedic Urea Pills(from Lance Ward or ayurvedic urea pills add dot and com) floating in the market is a complete SCAM and duplicate product which won't work at all!!! See this pic, This is fake/duplicate Ayurvedic Urea, Learn more in details below to avoid this SCAM

BRAND NEW SCAM EXPOSED:- (To be honest we actually didn't thought about it but this actually happened, very smart move from the scammers side and when we knew it.. these con artists already looted many innocent buyers out of their hard earned money)

This is very funny! This shows how easily scammers can scam innocent customers online and fool them instantly.

Please watch the picture above of a fake Ayurvedic Urea. This is not original Ayurvedic Urea and most important Ayurvedic Urea is not pill and it does not come in such kind of bottle with such labels. Its amazing how scammers can create a fake bottle, create a fake website, get some labels and put the two words Ayurvedic Urea on them. Do note every original Ayurvedic Urea packages comes with a big box stamped with UIC/SERIAL NUMBERS and is labelled Beware of scammers trying to scam you. ALWAYS VERIFY UIC AND SERIAL NUMBER WITH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE by sending an email to STAY SAFE. Lastly, is the only official website of legitimate/original Ayurvedic Urea medicine. Any other fake/duplicate websites claiming to be official website are all big SCAM!!!

Issued in Public Interest by The Ayurvedic Urea Official

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